Marius Drack - ein Fitness-Lappen. Cooler Typ. Wird mal Zeit, dass wir wieder Pulled-Pork mampfen.


Christoph Staffel - der Unbekannte.Ich glaube Lorem Ipsum ist hier ganz passend.

Der Reuter

Jaimy Reuter - Hammertyp! The King.


Group for groups

Posted 45 minutes ago

Group business is a significant revenue source for the Lufthansa Group Airlines. Approximately 6 million of customers travel in groups, generating revenues of approximately 1.1 bn. €* (revenue share of LH 79%, LX 13% and OS 8%). The aim of the Groups4Group project is to develop an aligned group business online booking platform for all three LHG hub airlines. The ecision was taken to replace three different tools by expanding the already implemented Lufthansa B2B IT solution "BookaGroup" by Austrian Airline and SWISS.

Deutsche Bahn

Posted 47 minutes ago

Wie immer zu spät! Lorem ipsum to the max. Mehr Lorem und noch mehr Ipsum auf Marius' twitter account.